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Junk Trucks Epping


Do you need to sell your truck right now and need cash for your Junk Trucks Eppingtoday? Why bother having to hassle the potential buyers that only waste your time when Vic Trucks Buyer purchases unwanted trucks no matter the mileage, condition, or age right now with cash.

Junk Trucks Epping

What Types of Trucks Do We Buy?

  • Box  & Flat Deck Trucks
  • Fridge Body Truck
  • Tow and Tilt Truck
  • Tractor units
  • Tipper & Slider Truck

We buy all of the above types regardless of their condition. We come to you and remove your unwanted truck from your Epping place.

The followings are some of the popular trucks we have been buying from our customers throughout Victoria state:

  1. Iveco Trucks Wrecking: Stralis, Acco, Daily, ATI, Powerstar, Eurocargo
  2. Volvo Truck Wrecking: FH series, FM series, FE series, FH series
  3. Mitsubishi Truck WreckingMitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Fuso
  4. Hino Wrecking: Hino FD, Hino FC, Hino FF, Ranger, 300 series.
  5. Isuzu WreckingIsuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu SBR.


Vic trucks wrecker has plenty of Tow Trucks & auto dismantlers to complete fast & convenient truck removals. Typically, we can provide truck owners with same day removals that are so fast that we can be to their location within a couple of hours. Our Junk Trucks Epping agents are professionals that are well-groomed and mannered, providing polite and courteous service, handling all aspects of the truck collection to make the entire process smooth and simple for you.

truck wreckers and salvage

Our cash for trucks process to remove vehicles is simple.

  • The first step is to call us to request a free removal for your commercial/industrial vehicle.
  • The next step is to schedule the removal at a time of your convenience.
  • The last and final step involves us coming to your Epping location to pick up the truck.


Vic Trucks Buyer provides free truck collections for truck owners in the City of Whittlesea. Our truck removals don’t take up half the day. They take minutes to plan and schedule and can be carried out in an hour. We make it easy for truck owners to request free towing for their unwanted vehicles. You can get in touch with us either over the phone (number provided below).

Call the Junk Trucks Epping team at 0411 704 458.

The towing drivers are available in the main pick-up areas of the Victoria region.

Junk Trucks Melbourne

Scrap Truck Buyers in Melbourne

Is that old truck in your driveway nothing but a hunk of junk, is your truck rusted out or a bit on the burned side? That does not mean that it has no use. Contacting Melbourne truck wreckers to have it hauled away is your best move. Trucks can be used for scrap, and if you contact us, you can have your Junk Trucks Melbourne hauled away with ease.

Junk Trucks Melbourne

No matter what you come to Vic Trucks Buyer for, we’ll help to save you time, effort and money, so you can get rid of your vehicle quickly and easily.

Scrap material does not come free, and many industries are heavily dependent on Junk Trucks Melbourne to boost their production. Even now, the value of junk trucks is increasing. Junk truck removal can fetch good bucks if you know where to give it. This is where we come in, Vic Trucks Buyer deals in the removal of unwanted, scrap and junk truck removal because we see the value in even the most damaged, rusted and old vehicles.

Wrecking & dismantling for all trucks

Our scrap truck buyers purchase different sorts of trucks, regardless of what make or model. We as often as possible purchase trucks from the arrangement of producers beneath. On the off chance that you need to offer a truck that isn’t on the schedule, regardless we’ll purchase it.

truck dismantlers Auckland

We provide you with an estimate of your truck value prior to collection so that way you are fully informed and know exactly how much cash you will receive. This makes the process of showing up, giving you cash and then removing your truck simple, painless, and stress-free.

To contact us please call or send in a request for a free quote with all your truck details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our cash for Junk Trucks Melbourne service areas

It’s time to clear up your yard from unwanted scrap and fill up your wallet. Sell your unwanted vehicle to wreckers in MELBOURNE and we will give you top value for it. Get rid of the abandoned truck sitting in your garage or your back yard, you could be keeping a small fortune away from yourself and your family by keeping it there with no use.

Scrap Truck Hastings

Truck Removal Hastings VIC & FREE Pickup

Get Top Cash for Scrap Truck Hastings

Vic Trucks Buyer offers truck owners an extremely easy and time-saving way to get rid of their junk or unwanted trucks. We buy all of the sorts of trucks of any make & condition removed for free. Contact us today to schedule your free towing & removal. CALL 0411 704 458.

Scrap Truck Hastings

How Real Free Truck Removal is?

It’s true. With Vic Trucks Buyer, your unwanted truck can now be disposed of without incurring any towing, recycling or wrecking fees. We are the Reliable Truck Wreckers Company in Victoria for good reason. We are a company that offers free truck collections at times convenient for our Hastings customers.

Fast & Convenient Truck Removals Hastings

Vic Trucks Buyer has plenty of Tow Trucks & auto dismantlers to complete fast & convenient truck removals. Typically, we can provide truck owners with same day removals that are so fast that we can be to their location within a couple of hours. Our Scrap Truck Hastings agents are professionals that are well groomed and mannered, providing polite and courteous service, handling all aspects of the truck collection to make the entire process smooth and simple for you.

How Our Scrap Truck Hastings Work?

As a courtesy to our customers, Vic Trucks Buyer works around the schedules of our customers. We know that many vehicle owners can’t make time during the day to have their heavy vehicle removed, which is why our company is one that schedules collections at all hours of the day.

Our cash for trucks process to remove vehicles is simple.

  • The first step is to call us to request a free removal for your vehicle.
  • The next step is to schedule the removal at a time of your convenience.
  • The last and final step involves us coming to your Hastings location to pick up the truck.

Contact Vic Trucks Buyer for A Free Truck Collection

truck wreckers salvage Auckland

Vic Trucks Buyer provides free truck collections for truck owners in the Hastings. Our truck removals don’t take up half the day. They take minutes to plan and schedule and can be carried out in an hour. We make it easy for truck owners to request free towing for their unwanted vehicles. You can get in touch with us either over the phone (number provided below).

Call Scrap Truck Hastings team at 0411 704 458.

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Truck Salvage Melton



Truck Salvage Melton

Do you have a salvage truck that needs to be sold? Perhaps it’s broken down and you’re looking for cash for the scrap truck, or it’s still running but you just want someone to take it off your hands, without the hassle of selling it privately. Whatever the reason, you want a quick and simple solution. At Vic Trucks Buyer, we offer professional valuing, expert knowledge and swift removal of unwanted trucks. We come to you to remove your truck anywhere in the city of Melton, and you’ll also get the best prices on the market in the process!


If you are the unlucky person that is stuck with an old or used commercial vehicle that has reached the scrap stage, then you may be stressed about how to get rid of it. Well! No need to take any stress. The experienced crew at Vic Trucks Truck will remove it from your Melton suburb and leave you with the best possible cash in hand. We all should take the benefit of free scrap truck removal services.


No matter whether your commercial truck is running, not running, salvaged, damaged or deregistered. You can, of course, make good dollars out of it by selling it to them. Our scrap truck assessment services are completely obligation-free and available 24 hours and 7 days in a week. So, if you are looking to turn your damaged heavy vehicle into good cash, they are the ones to call. Our Truck Salvage Melton experts will give you an instant assessment for it and once you will confirm it, they will take off your unwanted commercial vehicle within a matter of 2-4 hours.


We are your number 1 Truck Salvage Melton. With years of experience in the business and expert auto wreckers, we are able to offer our customers up to $19000 on their unwanted truck removal. Our Truck Salvage Melton is simple. We dismantle as much of the truck as possible, making the process one that is friendly to the environment and one that leaves cash in your pocket. Our cash offer quotes are free, we service all Melton suburbs and outer towns:

Always auto dismantling a huge selection of late trucks, most parts are available, engine parts from crankshafts to cylinder heads and all the smaller associated parts, with differentials, gearboxes, drive shafts. As well as Bodies, flats, boxes, curtain-siders, tippers, tail lifts, fridges, hook loader gear, cranes and recovery bodies also power take-offs, pumps, drives, quill shafts, and valve blocks.


These are our common auto wrecking trucks:


truck wreckers Sydney


Ready to call Victoria’s top leading truck wreckers. Then, give us a call today. We can be at your Melton location as soon as this afternoon for your Truck Salvage Melton that leaves cash in your pocket. In fact, up to $19000 cash in your pocket on the spot! We have three easy and convenient means to contact us, just look below.

• Call Today for a Free Cash Offer at 0411 704 458

• Complete our “Instant Truck Appraisal” form located on this top right page

• Email Us at

So, don’t waste your time and call us as soon as possible.

Scrap Truck Traralgon


As one of Victoria’s leading scrap truck buyers company, anybody interested in selling an unwanted commercial truck in the Traralgon can hope for the best ever cash price from VicTrucksBuyer.

Because we’ve been in auto dismantling business since 2009, so we have been successful in building a well-connected network of commercial truck wreckers. This definitely helps us when we purchase any heavy vehicle; we know that we have the right contacts to sell it. That’s why you will usually get the highest price from us and we always pay top dollar!

Scrap Truck Traralgon

Additionally, our Scrap Truck Traralgon agents can buy all types of vehicles, old and used, junk or rusted, including all types of vans, trucks, SUVs, Utes, 4WDs, Campervans and even boats. So whatever you have, we have the right price for it! The selling process with VicTrucksBuyer is as easy as 1 2 3. You can contact us over the phone 0411 704 458.

You just need to tell us something about your vehicle and soon our Scrap Truck Traralgon team will provide you a no-obligation free quote. If you accept the quote, we will quickly send over drivers and tow truck at the agreed pick up time to tow away your truck.

Our Scrap Truck Traralgon is that we do not charge any towing fee. So you get the exact quoted amount. We also complete all the paperwork on the spot. We will also tell you the procedure to handle the number plate once you’ve sold your junk, unwanted vehicle to us.

Sometimes it’s a big headache to find buyers for old, rusted vehicles, especially for the ones with no sale value. Regardless of the reason for you wanting to get rid of your old truck, we can definitely help you accomplish your ultimate goal and will also pay you quoted cash on the spot City of Latrobe.

Cash for Scrap Truck TraralgonUpTo $20K Instant Cash

At VicTrucksBuyer we buy trucks of every make like Ford, Mercedes, Renault, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volvo, Hino, Isuzu, IVECO, etc or any other make. We aren’t choosy about the condition as we are both a licensed and insured truck buyer and wrecker with the means to buy unwanted trucks of every condition for good cash and make cash.

truck wreckers Christchurch

We are known throughout Victoria as the truck removal company that doesn’t disgrace slight our Traralgon customers with low ball offers. Our decade years in the business has earned us the reputation as the ones to call for the best offer on:

  • Scrap, used, unwanted, wrecked, fire, flooded, high mileage, low mileage, accident, salvage title, scrap, junk, damaged, broken, body damaged, mechanical problems, etc.

We pay up to $20K on any condition of truck or 4×4.

Types of Cars/Vehicles We Buy:

At VicTrucksBuyer, we accept almost all types of vehicles, any model or make, and in any condition.

So whether you have a junk tipper, farming truck, SUV, 4×4, trailer, boat, commercial vehicle, van or any other type of commercial vehicle, our company will definitely buy it immediately from you, no matter what its condition or age. We even buy wrecked vehicles!

Unbeatable quote

Our truck wrecking service claims to provide you the best quote in the entire Victoria. We try to provide our Traralgon customers with maximum cash. You could expect to get the best rate that would beat the most genuine price quoted by other car removal companies.

Free of Charge truck removal Traralgon

After becoming the best truck wreckers in Melbourne, we try our best to make the whole removal process easy and stress-free, which is why we offer free truck removal from any part of Victoria. You just need to make a call and we will be there for truck take-away. Our Scrap Truck Traralgon team is widely spread Victoria-wide to easily operate and reach you quickly.

Scrap Truck Ararat


heavy trucks can take up a lot of space, especially, if they are damaged and wrecks. Those sort of commercial vehicles usually does not leave room for a smaller vehicle be it a garage and driveway. So, what can you do about Scrap Truck Ararat? Well, simple, just call the Vic Truck Buyer who are also the expert Victoria truck wreckers. When you call us, we will help you in removing all the wrecks from your garage. We are based in Melbourne and will come to your rescue immediately.

Scrap Truck Ararat

Victoria Trucks Wrecker Online

The company Vic Truck Buyer is committed to paying for Scrap Truck Ararat. We are based in local Melbourne and picking up vehicles from North to South, East to West. Our truck removal services cover all commercial vehicles including unwanted buses and farming trucks that are unwanted or accidental and ready to recycle.

How To Get Cash For Scrap Truck Ararat?

You can get instant cash for your scrap truck. Vic Truck Buyer will make it convenient for you to sell your scrap vehicle in no time. All you have to do is call us and provide the details of your truck including the year, brand, make and model. We give you a free quote considering the condition of your truck. You can also get a free quote online. Fill a form on our website and get a free quote. Once you accept our offer, our team of Scrap Truck Ararat reaches out to you within 24 hours. They tow your truck away without causing any inconvenience. You get paid in cash on the spot as soon as we tow your truck. Our helplines are available for you 7 days a week.

We Buy All Makes And Model Trucks For Cash

We buy all makes and model trucks for cash, be it American, European or Japanese make. The condition of the truck is also immaterial to us. As we believe in reuse, resell and recycle there are no trucks that will not fit with any of the dispose of the method we follow. Contact us without hesitation and ask us to pay for scrap trucks. We will gladly tow away your truck and will pay for junk trucks.

truck wreckers Auckland nz

Why deal with Vic Truck Buyer?

If you are thinking to remove your useless truck from your workplace then we are the best option for you. Vic Truck Buyer provides unique facilities to our customers in removing their useless vehicle such as-

  • Free cash quotes meant for truck disposal
  • Free truck removal from your site
  • Procures vehicles of all types in Ararat such as van, truck, jeep, lorry, bus or any other
  • Buys unwanted trucksold trucksdamaged trucks, rusted trucks, flooded trucks or burnt trucks.

Service Victoria Areas

We are Melbourne based auto recyclers that deals in several regions of Victoria where most important suburbs and cities like:

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Sell Scrap Truck Werribee

Cash For Trucks Werribee – Buying Iveco, Isuzu, Hino, and Other Commercial Trucks

Are you looking for Sell Scrap Truck Werribee? You can get instant cash for your truck. Selling your junk truck has never been so easy! Our Sell Scrap Truck Werribee services make it convenient for you to sell your junk truck. You get the best and the most competitive prices for your scrap vehicle. Trucks, Trailers, Tippers, Tray Trucks, we buy it all! We buy any and every kind of car irrespective of its brand, model, make and condition. It can be wrecked, damaged, junk, new, old, or even accidental. All you have to do is call us and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer you top cash for your junk truck vehicle.

Sell Scrap Truck Werribee

Get A Free Evaluation On Any Kind Of Truck

What makes us different from our contemporaries is the fact that we undertake a free evaluation of your truck. When you decide to sell the truck for scrap, give us a call. Share the vehicle information, and we will undertake the evaluation of your truck and give you a quote on your truck’s value. We evaluate for free and offer you a no-obligation quote.

No Service Charges Or Hidden Fee

Besides getting top cash for your unwanted commercial truck, you also get to enjoy free services. You do not only get a generous amount of cash but also sell your truck away for free! We do not charge a penny for any of the services that we provide. We tow your truck away for absolutely free! In fact, we also provide the paperwork beforehand.

Why go for Vic Truck Buyer?

If you are thinking to remove your useless truck from your workplace then we are the best option for you. VIC Truck Wreckers provide unique facilities to our customers in removing their useless vehicle such as-

  • We give the cash instantly
  • We offer a quick truck removal service
  • Vic Truck Buyer provides the cash quotes at a free of cost
  • We provide the maximum price for the wrecked trucks

Earn Sound Cash For Scrap Trucks

truck wreckers Auckland

If you want to Sell Scrap Truck Werribee without any hassle, we’re just a call away. We’re the best truck wreckers in Melbourne and we pay you top cash for your junk truck vehicle. Sell your truck for cash without spending a buck!

Same Day Truck Removal Absolutely Free Of Cost

Time is money in today’s world and we pride ourselves in being the fastest cash for trucks service provider in the Werribee area. We offer same day truck removal that too absolutely free of cost! Sell Scrap Truck Werribee today to Vic Truck Buyer and we assure you of same day free towing and instant cash payment. Don’t settle for any, junkyards that pay for trucks, opt for the best and be surprised at what we pay cash for your truck.

So, don’t waste your time and call us as soon as possible.

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Scrap Truck Koo Wee Rup

Scrap Truck Removal Cardinia, Victoria

We pay quick cash for unwanted commercial trucks, whether, scrap, dented, broken, dead or alive.

Scrap Truck Koo Wee Rup

Victoria Truck Wreckers are the premiere scrap truck removal company offering free, fast and convenient services to all towns of Victoria state. If you are looking to Scrap Truck Koo Wee Rup, look no further than VICTRUCKSBUYER. We will assist you to get rid of your worn-out vehicle quickly. We will pay you up to $19,999 cash as well. Our cash for truck process is one that is completely eco-friendly and leave our customers with the highest possible cash in their hands.

Morever, we buy all makes and models of scrap trucks and convert them into reconditioned parts and steel, with the help of our proficient auto wreckers. This way we make sure to protect the environment by disposing each and every part of the vehicle safely.

We offer FREE Victoria Wide Truck Removal – No need to pay for hauling

Get free truck removal services across all suburbs and regions of Victoria.

We always try to offer same day removal services. However, please make sure to give us a call and confirm your Koo Wee Rup location. We never let our customers pay for their vehicle’s removal nor let them wait to get paid. Along with free of cost truck removal services. We offer the highest cash right on the spot.

So when it comes to dumping your old, damaged, broken, flooded, burnt or junk bus, give us a call straight away.

We want all truck makes and models in any condition

truck wreckers Auckland

Whatever truck make or model you have, we will offer you a fair price depending on the level of damage in it. Your truck can be one with body damage, major engine damage, caught in flood, fire, totally junk, rust out or with a salvage title. But we will love to buy it in any mechanical condition. We are always a fairly reliable alternative. Whether you are selling a Hino, Mitsubishi, UD Nissan Diesel, BMW, Tata, Toyota, Freightliner, Kenworth, MAN, Mack, Mazda, Leyland, Volvo, Daff.

With us, you will receive:

  • Cash quotes for trucks over the phone and online
  • Instant cash payments
  • Free car and truck removals Koo Wee Rup
  • Free paperwork

How to Scrap Truck Koo Wee Rup?  

Even if any other businesses have turned away your vehicle because it is not driveable or charge you any extra towing expenses. Feel free to get in touch with us. Our Scrap Truck Koo Wee Rup experts operate free removal services through entire Victoria. Whether it means coming to your house, work place or any other random parking lot. We have experienced assessors that proudly offers generous cash estimations. We never turn down our customers with undervalued offers.

truck wreckers Christchurch

To get started, you can contact us today via our phone number – 0411 704 458. You can also complete the inquiry form given on the right of this page. We will need a few details about your vehicle, so please make sure to mention its make, model, age and describe its accurate condition. We’ll make a cash assessment as quickly as possible. If you accept our offer, our experts will come to inspect your truck or trailer and collect it after paying good cash in hand.

Get A Quote

Get a quote for your unwanted truck of any make and condition by calling the expert truck buyers. Call Vic Trucks Buyer at 0411 704 458.

The following links may assist you to find our scrap truck partners in Australia: Brisbane truck wreckers and Sydney truck wreckers.

Bus Wreckers Melbourne

How We Dispose of Your Old/Unwanted Bus in Melbourne?

Fast service and great payouts no matter what the make and model and age and condition of your bus/mini-bus. That’s VicTrucksBuyer, your Bus Wreckers Melbourne. Whether a coach in running condition or one that is no longer roadworthy, we will make you an offer up to $19,999 cash. VicTrucksBuyer is powered by Melbourne truck wreckers and car wreckers Melbourne  offers cash on the spot for all types of vehicles including buses.

Based in Dandenong and working alongside the VIC wreckers, we are one of the largest auto breakers and supplier of parts for buses and coaches. We work throughout the Victoria region and have worked with all the main bus and coach operators.

We guarantee that you won’t find a more convenient means to dispose of your truck than the one offered by VIC Trucks Buyer. We offer free truck removals Melbourne. With truck wreckers that dismantle and recycle trucks, you are guaranteed a fair price for your unwanted truck.

Bus Wreckers Melbourne

  • Hino Rainbow Wrecking Buses
  • Mitsubishi Rosa Wrecking Buses
  • Toyota Coaster Wrecking Buses
  • Volvo B12 Wrecking Buses
  • Nissan Civilian Wrecking Buses
  • Scania Apollo Wrecking Buses


Bus Wreckers Melbourne offers you cash for your unwanted bus. We welcome all years, makes and models of buses, domestic and foreign, whether they are running or not! We specialize in Ford, Mitsubishi, DAF and Scania buses and we offer the highest prices for your scrap buses and coaches.

Salvaged buses that come to Bus Wreckers Melbourne facility are cared for in an environmentally-friendly manner. Our team of expert auto dismantlers will remove and recycle all of the vehicle fluids and hazardous materials from your vehicle as soon as it arrives at our facility.

Through environmentally responsible recycling of junk vehicles, we all help the environment by reducing the need to create new products from raw materials which in turn saves energy, water and reduces mining and other production wastes.


It really is that simple. We buy any minibus! If you have an unwanted coach you want to sell … contact us NOW! We aim to make the process simple and quick for you, we aim to offer fair prices and we operate and can collect Australia wide. To start, just fill in your details and the details of the minibus you’re selling.

We are always looking to add to our inventory and there is no better way than buying your used truck or bus. Fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you.

We regularly feature stock from Isuzu, Scania, Volvo, DAF and Mercedes in our wrecking yard.

VicTrucksBuyer pick up buses or coaches in Melbourne, Victoria! Below are some of the major cities & areas we service.

To find out more about the service area. Call us on 0411 704 458.

Truck Wreckers Ballarat

The Victoria’s Number #1 Salvage Truck Buyer

With an established network covering the entire Victoria region, Vic Trucks Buyer has its roots firmly set in the ground and offers the most competitive prices paid for scrap commercial trucks, insurance write offs and repairable commercial or industrial vehicles. Truck Wreckers Ballarat won’t only source the best prices paid for these trucks, but we’ll make sure that once a price is quoted that you get the best customer service and support up to and past the day that your truck has been collected. We’ll ensure that payments are made in a safe method and that all relevant paperwork is processed efficiently. Selling your damaged truck cannot be easier.

Truck Wreckers Ballarat

Accident Damaged Commercial Vehicles

If you are unfortunate enough to have landed yourself in the situation whereby a recent accident has rendered your truck “uneconomical to repair” we can help. Truck Wreckers Ballarat have truck salvage buyers nationwide paying for crash damaged and salvage trucks.

truck wreckers Auckland

The process is simple. Just fill in our online form with your truck details. It is important that you are as detailed as possible when it comes to the vehicle faults. If you have any photos then please upload them. We’ll make an assessment of your lorries value based on Australia market prices and any possible repair bills and give you a price straight away.

If you are happy with the price then sell your damaged truck to our Truck Wreckers Ballarat who will be looking to either strip your car for parts or to perform the repairs required to put the truck back on the road. Because Victoria truck wreckers can source parts cheap and have all the equipment required to rebuild your truck, they can afford to pay more for your van/truck than the average private buyer or garage. We are so confident of our Truck Wreckers Ballarat prices that we will happily match any other guaranteed genuine quotes.

Truck Wreckers Ballarat Buy All Truck & 4×4 Models

truck wreckers Brisbane

Whether it’s a 4×4, van, truck, campervan or tractor, if you need a vehicle removal service in Ballarat give us a call today. Tell us what type of vehicle you have and your pick-up location and we will give you a quote for your vehicle. You are under no obligation to accept, but if you agree we will then arrange a convenient collection date.  When Truck Wreckers Ballarat collect your unwanted vehicle we’ll complete all the required VicRoads paperwork, pay you in cash for your vehicle, load it on to our truck and take it away. It’s as easy as that!

You can complete our online form to Get a Quote on your used truck right now!

Or you can simply call us at 0411 704 458 now!

Get Instant Quote for Your car

* We dont share any of your
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