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Who Are the Best 4×4 Wreckers in Melbourne?

Who Are the Best 4x4 Wreckers in Melbourne?

Do you have a 4X4 that you no longer want or need? Discover how we can help, giving you the best price for your truck.

Do you have a 4X4 truck that is just taking space on your driveway or outside your business? Perhaps it no longer runs or maybe you inherited the truck and have no use for it? If that’s the case, then it’s important to make sure that you get rid of it the right way. You need to find the best 4X4 wrecker in Melbourne and that’s where we come in.

You might think that your only option is to scrap it, particularly if it’s in a poor condition. However, instead, you could sell it to us.

At Vic Trucks Buyer, we offer cash for trucks regardless of the make, model or age. With a quick conversation, we can tell you exactly how much you could get if you sell your truck in Melbourne to us.

What Do You Need To Know To Sell Your 4X4 Truck?

If you want to sell your truck to the best 4X4 wrecked in Melbourne, the process couldn’t be easier. You just need to know the make, model, age, condition, VIN and odometer reading. We can make you a cash offer irrespective of the 4X4 condition and ensure that you get the cash you need.

Our aim is to provide the best value possible. One of the reasons we’re the best 4X4 wreckers in Melbourne is that we always aim to offer the highest market value for your truck. There’s no need to worry about losing money on this sale if you use our services.

Getting your 4X4 truck wrecked can be a complicated process which might even end up costing you money. We can guarantee that doesn’t happen.

Why Sell Your 4X4 Truck To Us?

We know there are plenty of services that will buy an old truck, but we’re the best. We deliver a rapid and efficient service to ensure that you can immediately have cash in hand from your sale.

We run our company with honor and integrity. What does this mean for you? If the details you have provided are correct, the price we quote is the one we’ll pay when we pick up your truck.

We’re flexible too and will handle everything for you. If your truck is no longer drivable we can pick it up for you based on your schedule. We’ll complete a final check and then take it off your hands completely, leaving you with money to spend however you want. Put it towards a new vehicle, modify your home, or inject it into your business. It’s entirely up to you!

Are you interested in getting rid of your 4X4 or old truck? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We provide support to customers and clients across Melbourne and in all the surrounding areas. We provide a rapid service so you won’t be waiting long to get the cash you need for your unwanted vehicle.


Junk Trucks Sunbury



Whether you’re looking for some instant cash, looking to upgrade and just need to Sell your Truck you are at the right place. VIC Trucks buyer has years of experience in the industry, offers you a ‘Sell My Truck’ service and the best prices the market has to offer, maximum up to $19,999.

Junk Trucks Sunbury

Still Struggling To Find Out Your Truck’s True Value?

Before you spend another heap of cash on rectifying what’s wrong with your old truck make sure to find out its real value in the market. Yes, it is important for you to know how much your old/unwanted truck is worth.

Victoria wreckers can help you do that. The payout amount that you get for your truck will mostly be based upon factors as the make, brand, model and year of manufacture and purchase. These will help us in determining the true value of the truck and only then it shall be considered for removal. You will be asked for a brief explanation of the vehicle. This is to convey to us the details of the truck you use so that we can better evaluate it and come up with more than a reasonable quote that you will readily accept.

How To Sell Your Junk Trucks Sunbury To Vic Trucks Buyer Wrecker?

Simple !! Call us. Cash for Junk Trucks Sunbury are just one call away. Vehicles will be collected from your Sunbury location for free of cost at once you accept our offer. Later, your vehicle will e evaluated by our experts and few paper works, that’s it! We provide top cash for junk trucks.

What Makes Us Different?

In Victoria, there are dozens of car wreckers companies, but we are the one who is highly specialized in purchasing all types, either it is your damaged truck or old utes. Another big reason to sell your unwanted Junk Trucks Sunbury to us is that we offer the top cash offer on the same day and buy your trucks as well as the unwanted car in almost any condition in a location in Sunbury. Our focus is not only on the bigger vehicles but also offer gratifying cash for cars.

You can complete our online form to Get a Quote on your used truck right now!

Or you can simply call us at 03 875 91940 now!

The towing drivers are available in the main pick-up areas of the Victoria region.

Junk Trucks Wangaratta

Vic Trucks Buyer is your Local Experts for all Truck Wrecking in Wangaratta.

Junk Trucks Wangaratta

Whether you need cash for your truck. Truck spares or run down parts of your truck. We are the company for you. Not only do we sell truck parts. But we are also the largest truck wreckers in Victoria. No matter if you are after instant cash for your truck. Truck removal or Junk Trucks Wangaratta you cant go past Vic Trucks Buyer.

Engines, panels, seats, transmissions,  wheels, brakes, electrical, steering & suspension, lights, accessories and so much more.

No matter what you need. What your question is or what you are looking for. You can trust that Victoria Auto Wreckers will be able to guide you.


Tired of that once eye sore truck sitting in your property? It’s tough, and tougher when you are not quite sure what to do with it. Towing is costly, so it sits. Pulling the parts takes knowledge, tools, and time. So, it sits. Don’t let any more value go from the truck as it will only sit and collect dust. Let Vic Trucks Buyer makes you a top cash offer for your wrecked, accident, damaged, or old truck. We are the removal company that buys trucks and arrives with cash in our hands before its scheduled removal, so you don’t have to go to the cost or the inconvenience to have it removed.

We Buy Trucks of All Makes and Models – Every Age and Condition

Vic Trucks Buyer is the truck wreckers that buy all prominent brands including Ford, UD, Mack, Fuso, Isuzu, Hino, Volvo, Freightliner, Mercedes and much more. You do not need to worry whether we will refuse to buy your vehicle due to its manufacturer or not. We will gladly buy automobile of every age, model and condition.

We Are The Truck Buyers of Junk Trucks Wangaratta That:

  • Are the green truck recyclers you are looking for – We take our job of disposing vehicles seriously. All auto wrecking is eco-friendly.
  • Make the deal quick and convenient with instant Cash for Truck and Free Truck Removals – Any hour, any day, we will buy your truck of any make and condition in Wangaratta and remove it for free.
  • We provide the paperwork – We don’t require that our customers go to the hassles of drawing up a sales contract, nor will they be left with wondering if all the legalities have been taken care of, and the liability of the vehicle has been transferred to Vic Wreckers. We handle all the paperwork, including the sales contract while our customers provide the title of ownership or scrap title for the vehicle.


Our quote system for trucks is based on the factors of the truck itself; therefore, you receive a fair price for your truck of its make and condition. We provide truck owners with two easy options to obtain a quote:

  1. Get a quote over the phone
  2. Get a quote online

Once quotes are provided, it is up to the truck owner as to whether he or she would like to accept the quote or reject it. When we accept the quotes, we will schedule the FREE Car Removal.

For more information, please contact us. Quotes are also provided through the number above as well as our online form at the top right of this page. Call 0411 704 458.

The towing drivers are available in the main pick-up areas of the Victoria region.

Junk Trucks Mallee

Spot a scrap truck in The Mallee? Or have you seen an unwanted truck collecting dust near your town? Inform us and we will take care of it immediately. We at Vic Trucks Buyer, we are always on the lookout for trucks that nobody wants. We buy such trucks at a high price and take it to our Melbourne truck wreck yard for further auto dismantling process.

Junk Trucks Mallee

Free Truck valuation The Mallee

Vic Trucks Buyer is an authorized truck wrecker catering to the entire area of The Mallee region. We have the necessary tools, resources and expertise to handle trucks of any shape and size. Furthermore, the condition of the truck is not a deterrent to us. Thus, don’t hesitate to call us if you want to sell my Junk Trucks Mallee.

We Buy All Makes And Model Trucks For Cash

  1. Iveco Trucks Wrecking: Stralis, Acco, Daily, ATI, Powerstar, Eurocargo
  2. Volvo Truck WreckingFH series, FM series, FE series, FH series
  3. Mitsubishi Truck WreckingMitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Fuso
  4. Hino WreckingHino FD, Hino FC, Hino FF, Ranger, 300 series.
  5. Isuzu WreckingIsuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu SBR.


Being a distinguished platform,we are here to cater you the best. We area distinguished company known among the customers for catering the best service. We staunchly believe in a saying that someone trash can be someone else’s treasure. Moreover, we are here to buy your damaged, scrape or junk truck giving you the best cash. We follow a standard methodology to recycle the vehicle. Choosing us means you will have the top dollars guaranteed for your damaged/junk/scrap or unwanted trucks in Victoria.

  • Sell your truck Shire of Buloke
  • Cash for trucks Shire of Gannawarra
  • Wrecking truck for cash City of Mildura
  • Selling truck to wreckers in City of Swan Hill

How to Get a Quote on Your Unwanted Truck?

Our cash for truck team is always ready to take care of your Junk Trucks Mallee. We accept all trucks, vans, UTEs, 4×4 without any condition. To begin the process, all we need is the relevant truck information. The information regarding the make, brand, model, age, mileage is driven and the current condition helps us determine its current worth in the market. Once you provide these details, you can rest easy knowing that in one day you will get rid of the truck and earn cash from the comfort of your home.

You can contact us by phone or email. We work from Monday to Saturday from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. You can also fill up our online form to receive an instant quote from us.

Get in Touch Today:

Call us today to know about the estimation of scrapdamaged, broken or unwanted trucks. Get an easy online quote by calling us at our contact details are:

Tel: 03 875 91940

Email Address:

Junk Trucks Cardinia

Wrecking Truck for Cash it has never been Easier in Cardinia

Tired of seeing that unwanted truck or Junk Trucks Cardinia and we will pay you top dollar for them, no matter their condition, no wheels? No problem. If you are looking to remove or recycle your old unwanted, scrap or damaged truck that is no longer required or not worth the repair, then you have come to the right place. At Vic Truck Buyer we give you cash for your unwanted or scrap truck and charge absolutely nothing for the removal! That’s right, nothing! Vic Truck Buyer is a part of Victoria auto wreckers.

Junk Trucks Cardinia

We Buy All Makes And Model Trucks For Cash

  1. Iveco Trucks Wrecking: Stralis, Acco, Daily, ATI, Powerstar, Eurocargo
  2. Volvo Truck WreckingFH series, FM series, FE series, FH series
  3. Mitsubishi Truck WreckingMitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Fuso
  4. Hino WreckingHino FD, Hino FC, Hino FF, Ranger, 300 series.
  5. Isuzu WreckingIsuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu SBR.

We pay cash for Junk Trucks Cardinia:

  • Avonsleigh
  • Bayles
  • Beaconsfield
  • Bunyip
  • Caldermeade
  • Cardinia
  • Catani
  • Clematis
  • Cockatoo
  • Cora Lynn
  • Dalmore
  • Dewhurst
  • Emerald
  • Garfield
  • Gembrook
  • Guys Hill
  • Iona
  • Koo Wee Rup
  • Lang Lang
  • Longwarry
  • Maryknoll
  • Menzies Creek
  • Modella
  • Monomeith
  • Mount Burnett
  • Nangana
  • Nar Nar Goon
  • Officer
  • Pakenham
  • Rythdale
  • Tonimbuk
  • Toomuc Valley
  • Tynong
  • Vervale
  • Yannathan


Vic Truck Buyer is known for accepting commercial vehicles of all types. Vehicle’s make, model size, and type doesn’t matter when we buy it to wreck it. We are not just car wreckers or commercial wreckers, we are known as the best Truck Buyers in Victoria as well because we offer the best cash for Junk Trucks Cardinia. When it comes to cars, we offer cash for Hilux, Cash for BT-50 etc. Contact the Vic Truck Buyer.

The List of vehicles for which we offer top cash for trucks services in Cardinia.

  • Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser, FJ Cruiser, Parado, Rav4
  • Isuzu Mu-X, D-Max.
  • Nissan Pathfinder, Navara, X-Trial, Patrol
  • Ford Ranger, Territory, Everest
  • Mitsubishi Pajero, Triton, Outlander
  • Honden Colorado, Captiva
  • Hyundai Tucson, SantaFe
  • Mazda BT-50, CX-5, CX-8, CX-9


  1. We give top cash for trucks
  2. We offer free truck removal services
  3. We are licensed  Melbourne truck wreckers
  4. Our experts are experienced in evaluating all models of trucks
  5. We take away the vehicle from your location and assist you in preparing your vehicle for the removal process
  6. We accept trucks regardless of their make, model, and condition. The make, model and condition may be considered during the evaluation time. But, these three are never the reason for the rejection of any commercial vehicle.
  7. Our cash for trucks process is easy, quick, and reliable. The complete process mostly happens in a single day. The seller just has to call us one, our Junk Trucks Cardinia experts will take care of the rest.

Our Cash for Truck Services are fully licensed and available to the old trucks owners in Cardinia and the wider region of Victoria. Our truck wrecking services are for the customers who want to salvage their trucks and require free truck removal in Cardinia towns. Sell your truck to victruckbuyer. We are the leading commercial wreckers, offer free truck removal services in Victoria across Australia.

Completely FREE truck Valuation anywhere in Cardinia

Vic Truck Buyer makes it simple to dispose of your truck with our free truck valuation. All it takes is a telephone call and we will come to you, anyplace in Cardinia towns, and take away your truck.

CoVid 19 Update

Social Distancing Guidelines at our Auto Salvage Facility in Dandenong

The safety and wellbeing of our customers, team, and all Australians is our utmost priority. Victoria Truck wreckers want to let you know what we are doing in response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Corona Virus Notice

This is an evolving situation, so please check back here regularly for updates as we closely monitor the situation and respond.

Elderly and Vulnerable Customers

We are working on ways to ensure that vulnerable customers, who need a bit more assistance, can get the help they need. We are prioritising our senior citizens to ensure that existing customers over 70 can have  auto wrecking service with us, and are working to expand this to other vulnerable customers who need our barbering service for health reasons. We’re also in contact with a range of charities and social agencies; this is a constantly-changing situation and we’re monitoring this closely. We encourage everyone to be mindful of those people who might need a little extra help at this time.

A little kindness goes a long way

Australians are all about fairness and at VIC TRUCKS BUYER want to make sure that when people are dealing with us, their health and safety are priotorized.

The goal of these essential practices is to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. If too many people become sick at the same time, that could overwhelm Melbourne’s hospitals.


There is much concern and people are altering their lives to protect themselves from COVID-19, Airlines are increasingly finding aeroplanes half empty with Virgin and Qantas already cancelling flights, the CEO taking a direct salary cut and talk of staff being stood down, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo is looking threatened and many tourist operators are already finding it hard to make ends meet.

A lot of the issues we are facing are driven by fear caused partly by continued media focus and hype with perhaps a gap in knowledge of what Coronavirus is and how we can manage a potential outbreak.


Prevention is much preferred than cure – we are prepared for whatever might happen whilst we ride this current storm. Vic wreckers are helping its team by giving them clarity around the coronavirus, We are implementing stringent sanitation procedures and make sure they are followed. Such as washing hands with soap and water for as frequently as needed and before and after every customer. Avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, cough into their armpit or a tissue and immediately wash hands. If any employee or client is sick, they should stay home and should contact health authorities. Again the Australia Department of Health website has excellent latest information around this.

As important as making sure our team are taking precautions – our clients need to be aware that you are too.

The coronavirus threat is real, it’s very important for everybody to follow safe sanitation procedures and most importantly do not over react to all the hype. The more we understand using fact the less stressed us and our team and clients will be so be prepared and be proactive in our response to the threat.

Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to serving you again soon.

Please stay safe everyone and please take care of your friends and loved ones.

Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing

Truck Wreckers – We Wreck All Truck Makes & Models

Don’t pay to have it hauled to the wrecking yard. Call Vic Trucks Buyer and get rid of your Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing today and get it done for free!

Vic Trucks Buyer’s number 1 Melbourne truck wrecker, offering free truck removals that leave cash in your pocket. We don’t care about the make, model, year or condition, we accept trucks of all sizes, makes, models, age and condition! This is why we have become Victoria’s Truck Wrecker; that, and we put up to $29000 in your pocket for your Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing. When you want to clear your yard of your used, scrap, accident, rusted, broken, etc. truck, then give us a call. Get instant cash for unwanted trucks.

• Call Today for a Free Cash Offer at 03 875 91940
• Request an Instant Cash Offer via Our “Get a Quote” form,
• Email Us at

Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing

Paying Top Cash for Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing

If you are ever looking for a reason to get rid of your unwanted truck, remember Vic Trucks Buyer, the wrecker who pays cash for trucks. Having an old or wrecked truck in your yard or garage not only occupies a valuable space but also causes concern regarding the hazard to the environment due to leakage of liquid from the vehicle. Find auto wreckers like us who pay for old trucks and get rid of it through professionals.

Get A Free Evaluation On Any Kind Of Truck

What makes us different from our contemporaries is the fact that we undertake a free evaluation of your truck. When you decide to sell the truck for scrap, give us a call. Share the vehicle information, and we will undertake scrap valuation of your truck and give you a quote on your truck’s value. We evaluate for free and offer you a no-obligation quote.

We Buy All Makes And Model Trucks For Cash

  1. Iveco Trucks Wrecking: Stralis, Acco, Daily, ATI, Powerstar, Eurocargo
  2. Volvo Truck WreckingFH series, FM series, FE series, FH series
  3. Mitsubishi Truck WreckingMitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Fuso
  4. Hino WreckingHino FD, Hino FC, Hino FF, Ranger, 300 series.
  5. Isuzu WreckingIsuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu SBR.

Why Vic Trucks Buyer?

At Vic Trucks Buyer, we have recognized ourselves as a contributor of superior quality components.

  • Our services are ideal for industries, commercial businesses, or private truck owners who require quality substitute components for their trucks,
  • Free cash quotes meant for truck disposal,
  • Buys unwanted trucksold trucksdamaged trucks, rusted trucksflooded trucks or Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing.

The towing drivers are available in the main pick-up areas of the Victoria region.

Wreck Truck Mildura

Top Dollar for Unwanted Trucks Offers in Mildura!

Do you wish to clear up your space from light truck or heavy vehcile? Is your truck been left around Murray River? So, it is the correct time for you to get rid of those unwanted vehicles. Well, say for instance, will you be happy to know that you will be paid cash for trucks in return. Basically, we buy Wreck Truck Mildura. It may be in any condition, we are least bothered. Simply we do the conversion of the trucks for cash.

Wreck Truck Mildura

We are committed to pay you the quoted cash right at your door. We will also complete all paperwork and can buy your trucks in any possible condition, dead or alive, running or not!

How do we calculate your truck value?

  • Since every truck make has several models and different years of purchase. Unwanted truck is to be calculated as per their scrap metal weight and the pricing of scrap metal. Metal prices are changed frequently as well as a daily basis. Our scrap truck team need makes, models, damage condition if any, running or not running, and rego to get you the right amount of pay.
  • There are many other agencies in Victoria that will provide you with cash, but not enough to match it against our prices. The standard cash offer that auto wrecker will pay you for your old and damaged truck is a likely average of $9,999 or even lesser depending on the condition of the truck.

Types Of TrucksWe Buy

We buy truck of all types. It does not make a difference for us. We accept truck of all varieties: accidental, junked, damaged, derelict, etc. Manufactured in any country, does not make a difference in our evaluation procedure. Trucks of any sizes are accepted. Even, the basis of evaluation of the passenger vehicle as well as the light weighted vehicles is the same.

  1. Iveco Trucks Wrecking: Stralis, Acco, Daily, ATI, Powerstar, Eurocargo
  2. Volvo Truck WreckingFH series, FM series, FE series, FH series
  3. Mitsubishi Truck WreckingMitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Fuso
  4. Hino WreckingHino FD, Hino FC, Hino FF, Ranger, 300 series.
  5. Isuzu WreckingIsuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu SBR.

Fast Truck Removals Mildura

We buy and instant pay for almost any condition vehicles and same day removals guaranteed in the sectors that we are working right now. You can sell your truck by calling us or putting your information over the inquiry form. Contact us for-

  • Junk truck removals
  • scrap truck removals
  • Accidental Truck removals
  • Damaged truck removals
  • Engine issue or not working

Areas That we service

We are one of biggest truck buyers in Victoria:

Why Choose Vic Trucks Buyer for Wreck Truck Mildura?

There are so may cash for junk car companies out there but we’re the only that that specializes in buying all types of trucks. One IMPORTANT REASON why you should sell your Wreck Truck Mildura only to us is that we always make the HIGHEST POSSIBEL OFFIER that’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to match.

Commercial Wreckers Ringwood


Looking for Commercial Wreckers Ringwood. We are the truck buyers in Melbourne. We pay instant cash for trucks. We pick any salvage, scrap, used, old, used and any type of unwanted trucks. We also pick commercial and non commercial trucks all over the city of Maroondah. We are the Commercial Wreckers Ringwood. We pay cash for truck up to AUD29,000. We pick your truck same day and it will be absolutely free pick up we will not take any charges.

  • We’ll remove any truck that is running or not running, dead or alive.
  • We pay cash on the spot for all trucks regardless of make or model.

Commercial Wreckers Ringwood


At VIC Trucks Buyer, we pay cash for trucks of every make and condition. We love to hear from truck owners that have a truck that is in wrecked condition just as one that is in good working condition. The reason that we aren’t biased as to the condition of trucks is that we are more than Truck Buyers that resell vehicles. We are also expert auto wreckers and car salvage, so we are in a position to offer you Top Cash for your unwanted bus – whatever it’s condition may be.

  • Cash for write-off trucks
  • Cash for unwanted trucks
  • Cash for de-registered trucks
  • Cash for engine damaged trucks

Commercial Wreckers Ringwood, VIC

At VIC Trucks Buyer, we buy any make and condition of trucks. We love to provide cash quotes for those old lorry or for a tipper truck with flat tyres and a dead engine, wrecked, fire damaged, flooded, salvage, old and damaged condition, we’ll buy them all., just as we love to provide quotes for those that are in mint condition.

We buy all commercial vehicle makes like:


If you have any old, used or scrap trucks at the moment, you can call us and sell it today. Top Cash for Truck buy all of the vehicles listed below

  • 4WDs, UTEs,
  • SUVs, Vans
  • Pick-up trucks
  • Trailers, Forklifts
  • Crane trucks

The towing drivers are available in the main pick-up areas of the Victoria region.

    Get Instant Quote for Your car

    * We dont share any of your
    information to others