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Junk Trucks Laverton

Truck Dismantlers & Salvage Victoria

Vic Trucks Buyer purchases used and scrap trucks and dismantle in our truck collection centre in Dandenong. We are authorized truck buyers and Melbourne car wreckers who can buy any truck anywhere in state of Victoria. We offer cash for wrecking trucks and dismantlers services in Laverton and North Laverton suburbs.

Junk Trucks Laverton

We Are The Junk Trucks Laverton Dealer That:

  • Are the green truck recyclers you are looking for – We take our job of disposing vehicles seriously. All auto wrecking is eco-friendly.
  • Make the deal quick and convenient with instant Cash for Junk Trucks Laverton and Free Truck Removals – Any hour, any day, we will buy your truck of any make and condition in Victoria and remove it for free.
  • We provide the paperwork – We don’t require that our customers go to the hassles of drawing up a sales contract, nor will they be left with wondering if all the legalities have been taken care of, and the liability of the vehicle has been transferred to Vic Trucks Buyer. We handle all the paperwork, including the sales contract while our customers provide the title of ownership or scrap title for the truck.

Accepting all popular makes & models

As we are the leading truck cash buyers in Victoria, we buy a vast range of popular marques including Fuso, Toyota, Ford, Hino, Nissan, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, Kenworth, Freightliner, Mercedes, Ford and many more. The good news is that we shell out big bucks for them, no matter whether they are being used for private or commercial purpose.

  1. Iveco Trucks Wrecking: Stralis, Acco, Daily, ATI, Powerstar, Eurocargo
  2. Volvo Truck WreckingFH series, FM series, FE series, FH series
  3. Mitsubishi Truck WreckingMitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Fuso
  4. Hino WreckingHino FD, Hino FC, Hino FF, Ranger, 300 series.
  5. Isuzu WreckingIsuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu SBR.

Contact Vic Trucks Buyer to Sell Your Used Trucks for Cash

We are truck buyers in Laverston who buy old, used, damaged, worn, broken, scrap trucks. We even trucks that can’t suitable for roads anymore and you are unable to get road worthy. If your truck belongs to Japanese, European and American truck make, then we are more than happy to give you cash for your Junk Trucks Laverton. We can offer you up to $19,000 instant cash for trucks, including free of cose truck removal service in Laverton.

Get A Quote Today

Get free Truck Wrecking in Laverton along with Vic Trucks Buyer. We buy trucks paying owners up to $19,000 for their truck of any make and condition. To get an instant quote, contact us with the make, model, age, and condition of your vehicle.

  1. Call us at  03 875 91940
  2. Complete our “get a quote”form

We love to hear the words SOLD – that’s why you can count on us for the best Cash for Junk Trucks Laverton offer.

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Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing

Truck Wreckers – We Wreck All Truck Makes & Models

Don’t pay to have it hauled to the wrecking yard. Call Vic Trucks Buyer and get rid of your Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing today and get it done for free!

Vic Trucks Buyer’s number 1 Melbourne truck wrecker, offering free truck removals that leave cash in your pocket. We don’t care about the make, model, year or condition, we accept trucks of all sizes, makes, models, age and condition! This is why we have become Victoria’s Truck Wrecker; that, and we put up to $29000 in your pocket for your Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing. When you want to clear your yard of your used, scrap, accident, rusted, broken, etc. truck, then give us a call. Get instant cash for unwanted trucks.

• Call Today for a Free Cash Offer at 03 875 91940
• Request an Instant Cash Offer via Our “Get a Quote” form,
• Email Us at info@victrucksbuyer.com.au.

Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing

Paying Top Cash for Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing

If you are ever looking for a reason to get rid of your unwanted truck, remember Vic Trucks Buyer, the wrecker who pays cash for trucks. Having an old or wrecked truck in your yard or garage not only occupies a valuable space but also causes concern regarding the hazard to the environment due to leakage of liquid from the vehicle. Find auto wreckers like us who pay for old trucks and get rid of it through professionals.

Get A Free Evaluation On Any Kind Of Truck

What makes us different from our contemporaries is the fact that we undertake a free evaluation of your truck. When you decide to sell the truck for scrap, give us a call. Share the vehicle information, and we will undertake scrap valuation of your truck and give you a quote on your truck’s value. We evaluate for free and offer you a no-obligation quote.

We Buy All Makes And Model Trucks For Cash

  1. Iveco Trucks Wrecking: Stralis, Acco, Daily, ATI, Powerstar, Eurocargo
  2. Volvo Truck WreckingFH series, FM series, FE series, FH series
  3. Mitsubishi Truck WreckingMitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Fuso
  4. Hino WreckingHino FD, Hino FC, Hino FF, Ranger, 300 series.
  5. Isuzu WreckingIsuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu SBR.

Why Vic Trucks Buyer?

At Vic Trucks Buyer, we have recognized ourselves as a contributor of superior quality components.

  • Our services are ideal for industries, commercial businesses, or private truck owners who require quality substitute components for their trucks,
  • Free cash quotes meant for truck disposal,
  • Buys unwanted trucksold trucksdamaged trucks, rusted trucksflooded trucks or Junk Trucks Hoppers Crossing.

The towing drivers are available in the main pick-up areas of the Victoria region.

Truck Scrappers Pakenham

Scrap Your Truck for Cash with Vic Trucks Buyer

Truck & Commercial Vehicles Recycler

Auckland truck wreckers

  1. Call ‘Truck Scrappers Pakenham’ on 0411 704 458. Since we are working 24/7, throughout Victoria, you can call us from anywhere in Victoria, any time. Let us know what type of truck you have and some more information about the truck like the make, model the age of the truck and the condition. Once you give the needed information you will be provided with an obligation free quote.
  2. If you are happy with the quote, fix an appointment with us for the same day or for a future date according to your availability.
  3. Truck Scrappers Pakenham will be at your door step to remove your truck for free and hand over the promised cash on the spot. The cash price is up to $19,000!!

Vic trucks buyer has years of experience in providing our services throughout Melbourne suburbs in an eco-friendly manner. We provide services like,

Truck Scrappers Pakenham – All Makes and Models

No matter what make and model of your truck and no matter what’s the condition of the truck. We wreck them and get all reusable parts. Remaining body and shell of truck is converted into raw metal at the end. We buy and wreck all models of following manufacturers.

  • Ford Truck wrecking
  • Toyota truck wrecking
  • Hino truck wrecking
  • MAN truck wrecking
  • Isuzu truck wrecking
  • Mazda truck wrecking
  • Freightliner truck wrecking
  • All other truck makes models that are not mention here

Removal of all unwanted vehicles, abandoned or damaged 4x4s, vans, utes, trucks and forklifts.

wreckers Melbourne

Truck Scrappers Pakenham is proud to provide Free Truck Removal service for most areas around Pakenham and paying up to $19,000 Cash For Trucks.

When your dealing with us be assure that your dealing with a professional enterprise that have all sort of towing vehicles that full fills the need for your truck to be removed on time and with confidence.

Call us today and get your Unwanted or Scrap Isuzu, MazdaHinoMitsubishiIveco, Dyna

Truck Scrappers Pakenham offer cash for scrap trucks, machinery, damaged and smashed vehicles, old forklifts, and all scrap metal recycling.

No wheels? We’ll wheel it away!
Rusted truck? We’ll take it away!
Damaged vehicle? Perfect for us!

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