Selling Truck in Victoria Most Asked Questions

truck wreckers & buyers FAQ

Who are VIC Trucks Buyer?

We are a car wrecker, and truck dismantler based south of Melbourne.  Vic Trucks Buyer purchases unwanted or damaged trucks for cash and either reuse or recycle the parts. We will buy and pay cash for scrap trucks, provide cash for junk trucks, or offer cash for old trucks– regardless of the condition, age, model or make.

What models of the truck can I get cash for?

Here at Vic Trucks Buyer, we buy all models and makes of trucks, in any number of conditions.  We are not just a used truck buyer, we offer truck dismantling services, truck wrecking services and scrap truck buyers.  We are also diesel truck buyers too.  Please view the range of different models that we accept, if you don’t see yours on the list below, that does not mean we will not give you cash for your truck, please get in touch with us to confirm the price we can offer on the free phone number of 0411 704 458.

Hino Truck Wreckers                              Mazda Truck Wreckers

Volvo Truck Wreckers                             Isuzu Truck Wreckers

Fuso Truck Wreckers                               Mitsubishi Truck Wreckers

Nissan Truck Wreckers                           Ford Truck Wreckers

Mercedes truck Wreckers                      International Truck Wreckers

How much cash for my truck can I get?

VIC Trucks Buyer has paid out up to $19,000 for a truck, of course, it depends entirely on the make, model, age and condition of the truck.  It only takes a minute to request a free quote from our team and it can all be done online or it can also be obtained online or by calling our friendly team on our free phone number 0411 704 458.

Do I get paid in cash?

Yes, you do.  We give you the precise amount we quoted to you initially and always treat our customers with the utmost of respect. Our truck removal drivers will give you cash upon collection of your commercial vehicle.

Does my truck need to start in order to sell it?

Not at all.  VIC Trucks Buyer deals with trucks in all conditions, many of which will not start and haven’t started for years!  We will quote based on the age, model and the overall condition of the truck or any farming vehicle.

How long will it take you to pick up my old truck?

In most cases your unwanted truck can be collected on the same day, sometimes it may be within 48 hours.  If you want a rapid truck removal service, please call our office on 0411 704 458 during office hours and a member of the team will gladly handle your request.

Do I need a roadworthy certificate to sell my truck?

A question many sellers often ask us is Do I need a roadworthy certificate to sell my truck?

The laws do vary from state to state and you should always contact the road transport authority in your state or territory for further details of any roadworthy requirements.

However there are circumstances when roadworthy certificates are required such as when a vehicle is registered in another state or based on the age or condition of your truck.

What can I expect when I bring in my truck to you?

You will be greeted courteously. We will evaluate your competitive appraisal(s) and evaluate your truck within the first 20 minutes.

If we agree on a price, we will immediately process the brief paperwork after confirming your identity and the vehicle’s papers.

A cash is counted while you remove any personal belongings.

We help you remove your plates and give you instructions about turning them in to the VicRoads.

Then just take your cash, and say ‘Goodbye’ to the hassle of selling your truck yourself.

What should I bring with me to sell my car or truck?

When you sell your truck please bring along your vehicle TITLE, a valid current vehicle REGISTRATION, and a valid state-issued PHOTO ID (Drivers License) for all persons on the title.

Don’t forget your second set of keys and remotes.

I am ready to sell my truck. What now?

A. Give VIC Trucks Buyer a call! Or fill out our easy Online Quote form, send it to us and we’ll contact you right away with a FREE QUOTE.

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