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Junk Trucks Laverton

Truck Dismantlers & Salvage Victoria

Vic Trucks Buyer purchases used and scrap trucks and dismantle in our truck collection centre in Dandenong. We are authorized truck buyers and Melbourne car wreckers who can buy any truck anywhere in state of Victoria. We offer cash for wrecking trucks and dismantlers services in Laverton and North Laverton suburbs.

Junk Trucks Laverton

We Are The Junk Trucks Laverton Dealer That:

  • Are the green truck recyclers you are looking for – We take our job of disposing vehicles seriously. All auto wrecking is eco-friendly.
  • Make the deal quick and convenient with instant Cash for Junk Trucks Laverton and Free Truck Removals – Any hour, any day, we will buy your truck of any make and condition in Victoria and remove it for free.
  • We provide the paperwork – We don’t require that our customers go to the hassles of drawing up a sales contract, nor will they be left with wondering if all the legalities have been taken care of, and the liability of the vehicle has been transferred to Vic Trucks Buyer. We handle all the paperwork, including the sales contract while our customers provide the title of ownership or scrap title for the truck.

Accepting all popular makes & models

As we are the leading truck cash buyers in Victoria, we buy a vast range of popular marques including Fuso, Toyota, Ford, Hino, Nissan, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, Kenworth, Freightliner, Mercedes, Ford and many more. The good news is that we shell out big bucks for them, no matter whether they are being used for private or commercial purpose.

  1. Iveco Trucks Wrecking: Stralis, Acco, Daily, ATI, Powerstar, Eurocargo
  2. Volvo Truck WreckingFH series, FM series, FE series, FH series
  3. Mitsubishi Truck WreckingMitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Fuso
  4. Hino WreckingHino FD, Hino FC, Hino FF, Ranger, 300 series.
  5. Isuzu WreckingIsuzu NPR, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu SBR.

Contact Vic Trucks Buyer to Sell Your Used Trucks for Cash

We are truck buyers in Laverston who buy old, used, damaged, worn, broken, scrap trucks. We even trucks that can’t suitable for roads anymore and you are unable to get road worthy. If your truck belongs to Japanese, European and American truck make, then we are more than happy to give you cash for your Junk Trucks Laverton. We can offer you up to $19,000 instant cash for trucks, including free of cose truck removal service in Laverton.

Get A Quote Today

Get free Truck Wrecking in Laverton along with Vic Trucks Buyer. We buy trucks paying owners up to $19,000 for their truck of any make and condition. To get an instant quote, contact us with the make, model, age, and condition of your vehicle.

  1. Call us at  03 875 91940
  2. Complete our “get a quote”form

We love to hear the words SOLD – that’s why you can count on us for the best Cash for Junk Trucks Laverton offer.

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Hino Truck Wreckers

Hino Dismantlers: We Buy Hino Trucks, We Sell Hino Parts

Hino Truck Wreckers

Vic truck buyers are commercial wreckers which to buy Hino trucks in exchange for cash

  • Are you looking to sell your unwanted Hino truck?
  • Do you have a Hino truck that can no longer be repaired and is considered as scrap?
  • Does the process of removing your Hino is giving you so much headache and you seem to be stuck with it and confused that the process may be expensive?

Then your ultimate solution of all your problems is Hino Wreckers! We are a fast, reliable and convenient auto dismantlers covering the region of Melbourne and Victoria. We buy every model with any age of Hino truck. We give cash to Hino truck owners for their old and scrap trucks. So, if you want to quickly get rid of your Hino truck then call us and share all your Hino truck details and get a free quote today.

Sell Hino Truck – Every Model

It doesn’t matter which Hino truck you have, because we buy each and every model of Hino truck that are in the Australian market these days. Call us and provide us with the details of your Hino truck such as year, model and any mechanical issues and you can guarantee that we will pay top cash for your truck. Here are some of the models that you can sell and we will pay cash for them:

We buy all kinds of models including:

  • Hino 700
  • Hino Blue Ribbon
  • Hino Briska
  • Hino Contessa
  • Hino Dutro
  • Hino 600
  • Hino Liesse
  • Hino Melpha
  • Hino Poncho
  • Hino Profia
  • Hino Rainbow
  • Hino Ranger
  • Hino S’elega
  • Hino TH-series

Why Choose Hino Wreckers?

When you choose Hino Wreckers Melbourne, you choose a company that offers the best in farm truck wrecking services, as well as truck disposals. We practice the highest standards in truck disposals, ensuring that we recycle vehicles 100%. By doing so, we can offer our customers top cash on their removals.

Hino wreckers nz

Sell your unwanted Hino trucks in Melbourne, Victoria

At Melbourne truck wreckers, we will give you the cash to take your scrap truck off of your hands. We take care of all your scrap, old, broken, rusted, damaged and unwanted vehicles that are not worth registering anymore. Just because it is junk doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything. Call Hino Wreckers for a top paying Hino truck removal. We are a fully licensed unwanted/scrap truck removal company that operates all over Victoria. We are a reliable and dependable licensed truck removal company and offer the best prices in Melbourne for scrap trucks.

If your unwanted Hino truck has been sitting around for a while, and no longer has a roadworthy certificate or is unregistered, that is not a problem either. These issues do not affect the services that we offer, and will not reduce the agreed-upon cash payout for your truck.

Wreckers of Hino Dutro, Hawk, GD, FD, GT, GS, FF, Super Eagle Ranger,

Raven, Shrike, Ranger Pro, Griffon, Fleeter, Super Dolphin, Super Hawk.

Find your Australia region truck salvage yard: truck wreckers Perthtruck wreckers Sydney.